Nynke Eggen

After graduating with honors from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Bdes Fashion Design, I have worked as a design assistant for designer duo Klavers van Engelen, where I did my internship during my studies. After that I started working as an independent tailor and pattern maker. I did some work for private clients as well as independent fashion designers.

In 2011 I founded my label Nynke Eggen. I made small collections, drapes and folds in unusual places were a basis for my work. With my label I wanted to consciously contribute to a fair market and develop my collection in a way where there is a minimal footprint left on the earth. This is reflected in research I did to come up with designs where the use of seams and darts have been reduced in order to fully utilize the fabric and minimize waste. I used sustainable materials, most fabrics where either organic, recycled or fair trade certified.

With my label I wanted to consciously contribute to a fair market.

Currently I am working for a Dutch fashion brand as product developer. I am responsible for all new development, we introduce new styles every week, all year round. My responsibilities include managing the development team, working together with pattern makers, designers and the creative director to maintain a constant development of new styles. In addition to this I work as a pattern maker for the brand.

I specialize in garment development for high-end womenswear brands. My strength lies in the ability to combine my design background with technical knowledge and organizational skill.

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